Fon's web playground!

Here is where you will find some of fon's first web publishing's. Starting around the middle of May Fon will be studying website design and promotion, specializing in Macromedia Dreamweaver CS3, Search Engine Optimzing and link campaigns.

Fon About the word Fon: Fon means (falling) rain in the Thai language. Fon is commonly used as a nickname for a person and it's especially popular for a babies born during the rain season. The nickname Fon seems to be slightly more popular when naming a girl, but the nickname is far from uncommon amongst the men in Thailand.

About the person Fon: Fon is a 34 year old (curly) cuty that's always happy as a young puppy, just as long as there is plenty of food around.

Want to know more about Fon and what she is interested in? Just bookmark this site and see what Fon has to offer and what progress Fon will be making over the next months.

Fon's first SEO job in Thailand: assisting in the Siam Beach Resort and boat to Koh Mak & Koh Kood link campaign (still in progress)